Company overview

Gulf Treasures, your choice Oil and Gas Company was incorporated on 20th April, 1998.

We are passionate about continuous improvement and development hence we continue to invest in our business to provide enough energy to meet the needs of our clients in Nigeria and beyond.

Everything we do to execute our strategies and deliver our vision come to life through our well over 500 abled employees, all connected by the Gulf Treasures way which is Innovation, Collaboration, Operations and delivering value with high quality.

In all we do, we put in place the need to give back to communities where we operate by positively inspiring and affecting our environment.

We contribute our quota to economic development and help to improve quality of life for millions of people by creating jobs, investment, infrastructural development and revenues for local communities and government.

Company Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred Oil and Gas Trading Company in Nigeria and by extension West Africa.

Company Mission

To ensure consistent supply of quality products to our esteemed customers, with total commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity. We believe in human capital development and rewarding hard work and team spirit. These will significantly grow our business, give value to our investors and serve our customers well.

how can we help you?

We are constantly working on ensuring excellent service delivery.

Ensuring that end users get value for money is the sole purpose of establishing the customer service department. For enquiries, please get in touch on 01-4538492, 01-4538501,

Their product is very good. In fact I had to position one of my boys at their depot so as to get their price and load my customers there.

MD/CEO, – Black Sea Oil Limited.

.......Think quality, think Gulf Treasures Limited.