Health and Safety

Part of our corporate philosophy is protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and environment.

Our safety policy emphasizes the highest concern and commitment to health and safety of all individuals and of the environment. To help us achieve these, we have put in place a number of initiatives which include training programmes, awareness campaigns, safety and security audits.

We ensure that our environment is protected in compliance with all the health and environmental enactments, acts, edits and regulations.

Keeping a focus on safety is naturally a top priority for us. Rigorous procedure on management of risk helps to protect our staff at various places in which we operate and the value we create. We understand the importance of keeping a clean environment, while at the same time satisfying the various needs of our buyers.  The systems, processes and standards at our depot and stations are continually enhanced.

Everything Gulf Treasures Limited aims to do as an organization is sorely on the safety of our operational activities, workforce and the local communities

We take safety seriously and this level of safety awareness is driven by our leadership, and monitored through our operating management system.

Our slogan remains ‘SAFETY FIRST’

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We are constantly working on ensuring excellent service delivery.

Ensuring that end users get value for money is the sole purpose of establishing the customer service department. For enquiries, please get in touch on 01-4538492, 01-4538501,

Their product is very good. In fact I had to position one of my boys at their depot so as to get their price and load my customers there.

MD/CEO, – Black Sea Oil Limited.

Safety!!! Our Watchword